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Digital Strategic Philanthropy Consultant

Monique is a motivated and creative Entrepreneur, Operations Manager and founder of Made in Monique. She supports Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs who are looking to enrich people's lives, share their knowledge and connect with others through their business.

Monique finished college with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology, then worked designing machines that check car parts. Although she enjoyed the computer work, she missed the interaction with people. In her spare time she volunteered with different groups, but still felt she could do more. Monique made a change. She worked customer service, sales and marketing positions while travelling through Canada until landing in Edmonton. Monique has taken all of her past experience and developed an uniquely placed virtual assistant service that quite simply backs people who give back.

Made in Monique


Made In Monique works with online entrepreneurs, and those offline looking to create online projects, budding or seasoned philanthropists. We help you to help others, so you can enrich more lives, but also expand your business and increase your income in the process. How do we do it? We combine growth for your business and your desire to give back with a personalized Digital Strategic Philanthropy Consultation.

Beyond the consultation, Made in Monique is an all-in-one service that can ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently at virtually all times, rather than coordinating with multiple freelancers and contractors, you simply contact your 1nSourcer™ (Monique) to provide additional instruction, inquire about the status of your project, or request new tasks.

We truly understand how you want to see the world a better place while making your business a success, and to help you reach your professional goals we offer a comprehensive range of services.

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Made In Monique works with podcasters to expand their audience, increase their income, and take off the many hats they wear to allowing them to relieve frustration, focus on their other personal goals, and enjoy time for themselves.

The Passionate Podcaster Plan is so valuable as it will allow you to become an accomplished podcaster much faster through getting a big picture understanding of where you are right now, and where you want to be.  Monique will then create a solid plan for supporting you to get there.

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