Our Commitment to You

We will do our utmost to ensure you have an excellent experience working with us at all times. We certainly acknowledge there can be a learning curve when engaging the services of a 1nSourcing Team, however we have a very high degree of confidence that you'll quickly realize that your investment into 1nSourcing for your business is quite possibly the best investment you've ever made into the future of your online business.

The level of support we provide is extraordinary. We're responsive, attentive and genuinely care about your business. Though actively engaging with us in the months and years ahead, through your complimentary (and secure) online collaboration area, while also seeing first-hand the leaps your business takes in your time with us, we very much hope you'll come to see us as the asset we truly are for yourself, and you business.

Additional Information

Our 1nSourcing Team is based throughout North America and therefore we work on a deadline basis, rather than a typical 9:00 am to 5:00 pm work schedule. This way of working can be very beneficial to your business, in a number of ways really, and in some scenarios even result in around the clock performance.

Our support desk is generally operational from Monday to Friday 8:00 am MST to 6:00 pm MST, however sometimes you'll receive replies from us outside these times. Please contact us on Support@MadeInMonique.com anytime you have any questions.

Also note, we are closed for Canadian and American holidays, as well as the weekend. If you need our assistance during these times, please contact us to request this well in advance, so we can arrange a viable solution.